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About Us

✔ 1:3 Staff to student ratio

✔ Class size does not exceed 4 students per class

✔ 1-on-1 learning provided for students requiring it

✔ Shluchim who understand the needs of a teenager, act as an older brother, are always available to be a listening ear.

✔ Multi-layered, flexible, well-rounded curriculum with many options to meet the needs of each and every student

✔ GED or High School Diploma preparation

✔ Incentive for punctuality, participation, and extra achievements (mitzvahs)

✔ Productive extracurricular activities such as learning languages, music, computer programming, hiking and sports

✔ Yeshiva sits on a 30 acre property with 2 sports fields, Basketball hoop, a beautiful bonfire pit, and many hiking trails

✔ Recreational lounge room with couches, a pool table and a ping pong table

Our Approach

✔ Our approach is to strongly emphasize to the students that:

✔ A person must first work on being a healthy human being (a mentch), and then the other areas of life can fall into their proper place - including Yiddishkeit

✔ To be proactive vs reactive

✔ Maturing and growing into an adult means doing what NEEDS to be done rather than doing what we WANT to do

✔ That G‑d and Yiddishkeit/spirituality are not just found in books, or for people who are unworldly; they can be explored and internalized by all, no matter their circumstances

✔ Our most important recipe for success is the attention and care that each student receives: unconditional love, non-judgmental dedication from all the staff and shluchim towards each student as an individual