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Smile on Seniors is an ongoing volunteer program matching youth and adults with senior citizens in Northeast PA including those residing at the Jewish Home. The goal of Bais Menachem’s Smile on Seniors or “S.O.S” program is to ultimately match a volunteer with every Jewish senior in our area.

SOS volunteers, comprised of all ages, are assigned “Bubby Buddies” and “Zaidy Buddies.” These special moments enrich both the volunteer and the senior. Volunteers gain from the wisdom and invaluable experience of a life time. The reward that comes with people sharing deep and meaningful feelings or simply holding a hand or lending an ear in a lonely moment. These are the special moments in life that enrich both the volunteer and the senior.

If you are interested volunteering, or if you know of a family who can benefit from SOS; and/or if you would like to support the program, please contact Rabbi Ilan Weinberg, (570) 590-9763, [email protected].

Rabbi Zvi Perlman, Program Director
Rabbi Ilan Weinberg, Coordinator
Made possible in part by a grant from the Foundation for the Jewish Elderly of Eastern PA