Our facility is located in North Eastern Pennsylvania (NEPA) in Mount Cobb just off the 84 highway. We are roughly 12 miles away from Scranton where there is the local Kosher supermarket co-op, Mikvah, David Elliot poultry farm, a nearby Wal-mart, JCC and a frum community made up of about 10 Chabad families, 50+ Litvish families and around a 25 family community of Geirim Tzedokim. Kingston/Wilkes-Barre is about 30 miles from Mount Cobb. Kingston has an ever growing Chabad community of 40+ Chabad families, they have a local shul, Chaider, Bais Menachem Yeshivah and now a newly opened Mesifta for more mainstream Bachurim.

There are plenty of beautiful places around us to go visit throughout the year. State parks, lakes, ski mountains, farms etc that give the boys to appreciate the great outdoors and nature.

Our Yeshivah sits on 30 acres of land. It is on the property of the old (Original) David Elliot poultry farm. The house has 4 floors, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, large kitchen, dining room, bais medresh/shul, class rooms and offices, computer/game room/lounge/music area as well as Laundry machines on premises and a parking lot. Outdoors there are plenty of playing field space, basketball hoop, fire pit, swings, big balconies/decks, and hiking trails. One of the fields on the property is rented out for horses (not for our use) The Rabbi lives with his family on the property as well just up the road.

The Yeshivah is quite secluded from the outside world and the upbeat city life style. Although it can take some adjusting for some of the students to get used to, it has proved to be very beneficial allowing them to be focused without external distractions. Often you can hear students say after coming back from a break how they are happy to be “Home.”