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Bais Menachem was founded first and foremost as an alternative to the mainstream Yeshiva system, for teenage boys who are struggling in that setting. However, over the years we have become much more than that.

Bais Menachem is a community organization serving Jews throughout Wilkes-Barre, PA and the greater Wyoming Valley. We offer many services and programming for Jews of all ages.

Our alumni are an integral part of our success as an institution. Many support us financially, while many others give back to a place that they once called home by returning for a year as mentors to our younger participants. But all our alumni know that from the time they first stepped over the threshold at Bais Menachem they became a part of the Bais Menachem family.

Please take some time to browse this site and learn what it is that makes Bais Menachem the great institution that it is.

About Bais Menachem

Bais Menachem is a very unique Jewish institution. We have made it our mission to help those young men who have found it difficult to succeed in the traditional Yeshiva setting. Whether due to an inability to concentrate in the classroom, social issues at home or school, lack of motivation, or a diminishing interest in religious values, we seek to clearly identify any problems that may be impeding progress, and find a wholesome solutions so that our participants will rise above their challenges and flourish.

1 on 1 learningWe believe that our effectiveness in this area is a result of our focus on each participant as an individual, catering to his specific interests and abilities. For this reason our religious classes generally number five participants or fewer. Every attempt is made to ensure that religious learning is made interesting, relevant, and personal.

Bais Menachem is located in quiet Wilkes-Barre, PA, at the foot of the picturesque Pocono Mountains. Each day we provide time for recreation to allow our participants unwind. Exciting trips and outings are scheduled several times a month as rewards for achievement and effort, We regularly integrate community volunteer work in to our program. Professional counseling is available when necessary for those who request it or would benefit from it..

All of the above, and more, have contributed to a healthy atmosphere for change and growth in our participants. We can proudly say that each year, some of our participants leave Bais Menachem to continue their studies in traditional Yeshivas, while others move on to other institutes of higher learning. Many of our participants have enrolled in vocational training programs or have entered the work force as self-sufficient young men, with bright futures ahead of them. Still others return for a second or third year.

We invite you to browse our website or contact our office to learn more about our commitment to our motto: Raising the standard of our future.