Our Facility

For the first four years after Bais Menachem was established in 1999, our daily activities were held in a variety of locations. Our judaic studies were taught in the auditorium of the local Orthodox Shul, the Jewish Community center provided a classroom for our computer classes, GED preparation was offered at yet another location nearby, and a large, three-story home with twelve bedrooms housed our dormitory and dining facilities.

building.jpgIn the summer of 2003 we purchased a building in downtown Wilkes-Barre large enough to house all of the above under one roof. Our dormitory is made up of five spacious apartments, each with a private bathroom and shower, with adequate total space to comfortably sleep up to 30 students and staff.

A cozy Beis Midrash, as well as several classrooms allow us the luxury of being able to offer private classes when needed, without disrupting ongoing classes. Our library is situated in a quiet part of the building, allowing our students a place to relax and read Jewish books on a wide range of subjects and reading levels. Students often use this amenity to begin new study or expand their knowledge in an area of personal interest.

With advances in technology constantly redefining education practices, computers are used in some of our classes by are students and teachers alike to enhance the learning experience by providing an exciting , interactive medium to facilitate learning. Computers loaded with games and graphics programs are also available to our students during their free time.

In addition, our building includes kitchen and dining facilities, administrative offices, and housing for some of our faculty.