Judaic Studies

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Keeping with the Chassidic teaching that the first hours of the morning will impact the outcome of the day, our mornings begin with an hour of Chassidus before davening. As with all our classes, students are grouped in classes based on their familiarity with the subject matter, as well as their skills level in the particular area.

During davening times our students are encouraged to lead the Minyan by davening before the Amud. For students who can proficiently lain the Torah or who are trying to become more proficient, the weekday lainings on Monday and Thursday give them the perfect opportunity to improve those skills.

Following Shacharis and breakfast, our study lessons begin. Our class rotation system affords every student the opportunity to learn what we consider to be primary subjects: Gemara, Halacha, and Jewish History. The system is structured so that each student attends classes in each of the three subjects each week. Additional study time can be utilized by the students to learn other subjects such as Navi, Sichos, Midrash, or any other subject that is mutually agreed upon by the teacher and students.

In the evening our classes focus on the Chumash and Tanya for the day.

Throughout the day our classes are kept small - usually not more than five students - in order to give individualized attention to each student on his level.

General Studies

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To help prepare our students for the demands of life, a GED preparation course is available to build the skills necessary for obtaining a High School equivalency diploma. Our general sudies teachers have devised a curriculum that focuses on primarily on math, reading, and English grammar, and secondarily on science and social studies. Once competency in the primary areas is established, attention can be directed to learning the necessary material for the science and social studies exams.