The students and staff at Bais Menachem are actively involved in many community chessed services.

Mitzvahs on the Spot for People on the Go: Each Friday our students branch out to different locations throughout the area to visit local business people in their place of visit. During these visits, they share Torah thoughts, words of inspiration, and provide an opportunity to perform a quick Mitzvah.

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Hospital and Nursing Home Visitation: While some students visit business people, others go to the local hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers to visit the Jewish patients at these locations.

Prison Chaplaincy: A small but needy population of Jews that is often overlooked is those currently incarcerated at county, state and federal penitentiaries throughout the country. Rabbi Pinny Levitin visits these Jews in several prisons throughout Northeast PA on a regular basis to bring them the spirit and joy of the holidays, and to speak with and counsel them on matters of importance. He has successfully brought many of the holiday traditions and observances to these inmates who are always tremendously grateful.

Tefillin and Mezuza Service: At Bais Menachem we offer a Tefillin and Mezuzah checking service by a certified scribe. Having these items checked to verify their Kosher status should be done every three to four years at the minimum. If you would like to purchase new Tefillin or Mezuzot, we can obtain them for you.


Kitchen Koshering Service: Resolving to keep a Kosher kitchen is a monumental undertaking. Let us help make the transition easier by ritually Koshering your kitchen counters, ovens, appliances, and utensils.

Sukkah Building: Need a hand putting up your Sukkah? Give us a call. Our students will be delighted to offer their assistance in helping you perform the Mitzvah of "dwelling" in a Sukkah.

Volunteer Services: O ur students frequently volunteer their time to the Jewish Family Services, Chevra Kaddisha, and other community organizations, providing them with the much-needed manpower necessary to provide their services to the community.

Other Services: Our students are also available for light moving, gardening & maintenance during their free time.


For more information or to enlist the help of our students please call the yeshiva office. Some of the services listed above may involve a nominal fee.