Here are some of the comments from community members and leaders about the impact of Bais Menachem in the Wyoming Valley.

" I know I speak for other members of [our] family when I say how much the time, effort, and respectful attention the young gentelmen of the Yeshiva showed while helping to bury "Uncle Moishe". [It] is so very much appreciated"

"Thank you for Bais Menachem's help in assuring that there was a minyan to say kaddish during shiva."

"Thank you for supporting our Mitzvah Care Package efforts. Without your help and your bringing the boys over to the JCC to asssemble boxes, we could not have sent 300 packages to those soldiers . . . "

"[Thank you] for your assistance with the Purim festivities. The children who participated in the art project had a wonderful time creating their Purim take-home objects. Bryan, Moti, and Shmuely provided us with very lively music that set the perfect mood for the post-Megillah reading party."

"Thank you for having the boys cut our grass . . . "

"Thank you for the work you do with young teens."

"Thank you for sending me the hand Shmura Matzoh for the holiday - it's always a treat for the family."

"Thank you to the boys of Bais Menachem Yeshiva and Rabbi Pinny Levitin for decorating our Sukkah."