Our Staff

Our staff is made up of highly experienced ordained rabbis with years of field experience between them. Teachers have served in a variety of educational settings in places such as Israel, Australia, California, and New York. We have been able to gather a team of caring, understanding, and attentive individuals. Our educators are dedicated, compassionate and approachable. This can be seen in the lasting relationships formed between the students and staff, both during and after learning hours.
staffrabbiperlman.JPGRabbi Zvi and Suri Perlman arrived in 1977 as the Lubavitcher Rebbe's Shluchim (emmisaries) to the Wilkes-Barre/Kingston Jewish community. Since that time Rabbi Perlman has taught the children of the United Hebrew Institute and the Temple Israel Sunday School, as well as scores of adult education classes and lectures. He is widely known and respected as an outstanding educator, community leader, and storyteller. Rabbi and Mrs. Perlman reside in Kingston with their children.
staffuri.JPGUri Perlman is the director and founder of Bais Menachem. He studied in Yeshivas in California, New York, and Australia. Upon graduation he returned to Melbourne where he guided Jewish high school boys from a range of religious backgrounds. He then was sent on Shlichus to the Yeshiva in London for a year; followed by a year in Jerusalem where he worked with at-risk youth. Uri resides in Kingston, PA with his wife and children.
staffpinny.JPGRabbi Pinny Halevi Levitin teaches Judaic studies at Bais Menachem and also serves as director of outreach. He has studied in Yeshivas in France and New York. Upon graduation he traveled to Melbourne, Australia with Uri Perlman, where he too guided and taught high school students. He was then sent on Shlichus to the Yeshiva in Brunoy, France for two years. Following that, he moved back to New York where he studied for and received Rabbinical Ordination from Rabbi Yitzchok Yaroslavski. Pinny resides in Wilkes-Barre with his wife and children.
ilanweinberg.jpgRabbi Ilan Weinberg serves as dean and director of development at Bais Menachem. Rabbi Weinberg has been working in the field of Jewish education, at-risk-youth work and outreach for upwards of fifteen years. His background includes training and experience in youth mentoring, social work, teaching, Jewish communal work, non-profit management, and business administration.
Photo-coming_soon.jpgDr. Yaacov Moshe Moses has taught math, English and ESL at two universities, four colleges, and three public school systems, including the New York City PS system where he taught in Crown Heights, Bedford Stuyvesant, and Kingsborough Community College in Sheepshead Bay. He has also taught in Yeshivas Ahavas Torah in Marine Park, NY, and in Chaya Mushka High School in Cincinnati, OH. For the past ten years, he has been an Adjunct Professor in the Business and Adult Education Division of Baltimore City Community College.

From his varied teaching experiences, Mr. Moses concludes, “'No Child Left Behind' taught me that no bochur should be left behind; and from the new Core Curriculum, I learned that every bochur, when touched at the core of his being, proves to be a mensch, a treasure, and a credit to his family, Chassidus, the Rebbe, and Klal Yisroel. Therefore, teaching is about the student, not the teacher; and a teacher is only as good as his last class, where he learns more from his students than he ever teaches."

An integral part of our success is our Shluchim. These young men (20 - 23 years old) serve as teachers, tutors, mentors, and friends to our students. Whether a boy is in need of extra attention or just an older friend to guide him, the Shluchim are there around the clock to assist our students in any way possible.