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The Ten Commandments

The holiday of Shavuout commemorates the giving of the Torah by G‑d. According to tradition, we are supposed to view the giving of the Torah as an ongoing and recurring process each year. Therefore, being present in synogogue at the time that the Ten Commandments are read is like being at Mount Sinai more than three thousand years ago. At Bais Menachem we have a special reading of the Torah portion including the Ten Commandments in the afternoon so that those who were not present in synogogue in the morning will not miss this important event.


Ice Cream Party

It is customary on the Shavuot holiday to eat a dairy meal or to partake of dairy foods. In hundreds of communities around the world, ice cream parties are held for children during the holiday of Shavuot. This is a wonderful way to perform the custom of eating dairy foods, while giving the children an opportunity to learn about the greatness and importance of our connection to the holy Torah.