It was 18 years ago that a glaring need stared out at those paying attention within the Lubavitch education community. What was it that was missing? There was no yeshiva or school for a bochur who didn't look, think and act like a classic yeshiva bochur would. If he didn't dress the part or wear the clothes; if he openly displayed different musical interests and had a taste for secular media; if he wasn't sure if his next step would be college, the Israeli army or the workforce; there was no yeshiva for him to call home. He drifted; either in or out of yeshiva.

In response to that void, Bais Menachem opened its unique program in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Bais Menachem teaches these young men Judaism in a meaningful way, a way they can follow, relate to and take with them in life. The yeshiva provides daily recreation, a basketball team, chess club, a music (studio) room, a game room, indoor and outdoor lounge areas, and always a staff of Rabbis and shluchim with whom any student can find someone they feel comfortable talking to about life. For over 18 years now this institution has been constantly adapting to the needs of its students, while striving to improve itself and its effectiveness. Bais Menachem has developed a curriculum that best serves its students, helping them to gain knowledge as well as an appreciation for Torah, and finally, life skills.

In 2014 another need began to show itself very strongly; not enough is being done for students 14-16 years old, who need a more flexible, student-based program with the personal touch. Bais Menachem responded, opening a satellite program for younger students.

Bais Menachem Mount Cobb is located thirty minutes from our older division in Mt. Cobb, Pa. It sits on a thirty acre campus, with fields for sports and relaxation, woods, hiking trails, a fire pit, basketball hoop, and a game room, lounge area, music (guitars, key boards, drum set etc)

Under the leadership of Director Uri Perlman and Principal Yossi Goodman, students ages 14-16 are offered the attention they need, classes they can enjoy, room to breathe, and the right environment for healthy development of the entire person. Mount Cobb possesses its own complement of rabbis, teachers and shluchim and it benefits from the experience and knowledge of the core Bais Menachem staff who teach and farbreng there nightly throughout the year.