Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of student does Bais Menachem accept?

A: There is not just one type of student that we accept. Our approach allows us to work with young men facing a variety of challenges in life. We accept students who find it difficult to adhere to typical Yeshiva standards, whether they are standards of learning or behavior. We accept students who seek to prepare for life down the road through career training. We also accept students who struggle with dealing with authority, at home or at school.

Q: What do all of these students have in common?

A: All of our students share a desire to improve themselves, and are seeking guidance in doing so. This is key to our mission. It is not where they are coming from that matters most. What is most important is that our students have the desire to receive guidance for their future.

Q:How does Bais Menachem expect to facilitate the growth of each student as a person and as a Jew?

A: By taking a personal interest in each student, by offering a student-friendly personalized curriculum, and with a well balanced schedule of Judaic and general studies, recreational activities, and communal involvement.

Q: What does a “student-friendly” curriculum mean?

A: Class Size: Our students are placed in class groups based on their abilities and skills base. Classes are very small, usually no larger than five students. In addition to this, we offer one-on-one tutoring for those who need more personal attention.

Subject Matter: We offer a wide range of classes for students at every level. In our Judaic studied department, every student is studies Chassidus, Mishna and Gemara, Jewish History, contemporary Halacha, and Parsha. Elective subjects include, Navi, Hebrew reading, beginner’s Talmud, and more.  In our General studies department, students preparing for their GED take classes in all the relevant subjects, with an emphasis on Math and English. These classes are also divided by abilities and skills.Our goal is to place students in the best atmosphere possible, to help them focus on and take interest in their studies.

Q: Are students at Bais Menachem eligible to receive collogue credits?

A: We are now adding a college accredited program of study in business management and finance, in conjunction with the Michigan Jewish Institute. We are also now able to give college credits to eligible students for their Jewish studies.

Q: What recreational activities are offered?

A: We include two hours of recreation time in our daily schedule. Students of Bais Menachem receive free membership at our local JCC (located just around the corner) through the generosity of the local Jewish Federation. The JCC facilities include a basketball gym, an exercise room, a weight lifting room, bowling lanes, a swimming pool, and a game room.

Every week we take our students on small trips and outings nearly every week, and one major trip every month. Major trips include skiing, paintball shooting, boating, and full day trips to cities such as Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and New York. We also offer extras like martial arts, music lessons, and First Aid and CPR courses. These course usually require a minimum number of participants.

Q: What is the Shabbos schedule like?

A: Shabbatons are often arranged for our students to spend at Chabad Houses throughout the region. Groups of 5-10 students go on Shabbatons every 2-3 weeks throughout the year, for an inspirational Shabbos and a change of scenery. Otherwise, students spend Shabbos in Wilkes-Barre, where they are invited to eat at the homes of their teachers.

Q: What is your student to staff ratio?

A: With a maximum of 20 students each year, we maintain a very high 3 to 1 ratio.

Q: What are Bais Menachem's expectations of its students?

A: Our expectations are straightforward. We expect our students to show an interest, if not a desire, to grow in their personal lives; to show respect to their teachers and peers; to attend classes diligently; to honor the “house rules” of Bais Menachem.

Q: How long to students typically study at Bais Menachem?

A: Most students stay for about 2 years, however, there is no set minimum of maximum length of stay.

Q: Where do students come from?

A: Nearly 45% of our students come from all over New York City. Another 25% come from US cities with large Jewish communities. Between 15 and 20% come from smaller cities and towns scattered throughout the country, while the remainder are International students.

Q: What age students do you accept?

A: Our program is geared toward young men ages 16-20. Exceptions are sometimes made for 15 year olds, if deemed appropriate by our staff.

Q: What is the Bais Menachem definition of success?

A: When a student leaves with an increased sense of respect for parents, teachers, friends….and himself. When he expects more of himself than he used to in all areas - religiously, socially and academically. When a student leaves knowing what he needs to do in life to succeed as a Jew, as a student, and as a human being.

Q: How long has Bais Menachem been in operation?

A: Bais Menachem was established in the Fall of 1999