uri.jpgUri Perlman is the director and founder of Bais Menachem. He studied in Yeshivas in California, New York, and Australia. Upon graduation he returned to Melbourne where he guided Jewish high school boys from a range of religious backgrounds. He then was sent on Shlichus to the Yeshiva in London for a year; followed by a year in Jerusalem where he worked with at-risk youth. Uri resides in Kingston, PA with his wife and children.



yossi g.jpgYossi Goodman is the principal of Bais Menachem Mount Cobb. He attended Mesivta in Crown Heights at Oholei Torah then to Eretz Yisroe-l at the Yeshivah Toras Emes for 3 years. Yossi has always had a desire to help young adults as they go through their growing teenage years. After Yeshivah, he was sent as a Shliach to the Torah Acadmy Boys High School in Johannesburg South Africa, a school with boys from all backrounds ranging from none religious homes to very strong Chabad families. Afterwards, while learning in 770, he remained in that field, learning, talking & working with boys from mainstream Yeshivos in Crown Heights, to Aliya in CH. He lives with his wife and children on the Yeshivah property, a short 5 minute walk from the Yeshivah.

lazer g.jpgLazer Gajer is a mashpia, teacher & menahel gashmi in Mount Cobb. Raised in Crown Heights, Brooklyn NY he attended Lubivtch Yeshivah through Mesifta. For Zal he went to Eretz Yisroe-l spending a year in Tzfas ans Giryat Gat Yeshivos. Lazer has always had a passion to help boys in this type of arena. He has been involved with schools of this nature for many years, ranging from Milwakee’s Hilel high, Cincinatti Tomchei Temimim Mesifta, “The Center” ran by Matis Abarbanel, and Bais Menachem Wilkes-Barre as well. it is for this that he joined the ranks of the Bais Menachem team.


mendy m.jpgRabbi Mendy Majesky is a maggid shiur in Mount Cobb. Rabbi Majesky comes from a backround of educaters for young adults for both man and woman. His experience ranges from a general backround teaching at the Seagate Yeshivah for Baalei Teshuvah students, to a more advanced backround at the Yeshiavh in the Poconos. Rabbi Majesky bring a high level of academics to the Bais Menachem Mount Cobb team. He lives with his wife and children in Kingston PA.



 An integral part of our success is our Shluchim. These young men (20 - 23 years old) serve as teachers, tutors, mentors, and friends to our students. Whether a boy is in need of extra attention or just an older friend to guide him, the Shluchim are there around the clock to assist our students in any way possible.
The staff of the older Wilkes-Barre Yeshivah play a big role at Bais Menachem Mount Cobb. Teaching, Farbrainging and joint orginazation on a day to day basis throughout the year and beyond.