Yeshiva Sponsorships

The following sponsorships can be dedicated in your honor or in honor or in memory of a loved one. If you would like to take advantage of any of these opportunities please click here and provide us with the details.


Each year a significant number of our students receive full or partial scholarships due to their family's financial difficulty. By sponsoring a student's tuition you can help him thrive at our Yeshiva while relieving his family of their tuition obligations.

Full Year: $12,000

Half Year: $6,000

One Month: $1,200

Sponsor a scholarship

Student Need Fund

Some of our students find themselves in more needy situations. A disproportionate number of our students come from single parent or otherwise broken homes where the parent or parents struggle to make ends meet. For these students we have established a student need fund. The monies are used to purchase clothing, personal products, transportation costs, and a host of other needs that these students may have.

Suggested Donation: $180

Donate to the student need fund


Each month our students enjoy 1-2 specially arranged Shabbatons to communities in PA, NJ, and NY. These Shabbatons are organized to treat our students to an exciting Shabbos experience. In most cases the boys will go out to pizza or enjoy some other special activity on Saturday night before returning to Wilkes-Barre. A shabbaton sponsorship helps us pay for the transportation, food, and trip costs.

Shabbaton Sponsorship: $250

Sponsor a shabbaton

Group Outings

At Bais Menachem we have a unique point system which allows the students to earn points toward paid weekly or biweekly, and monthly trips. Trips include ice skating, rock climbing, tickets to sports events, skiing and paint ball shooting among others. This systems offers our students a wonderful incentive to take their studies seriously and to excel in their studies.

Weekly Trip: $150

Biweekly Trip: $300

Monthly Trip: $500

Treat our students to a well deserved trip.

Sponsor a Week of Learning

Our sages tell us that the tribes of Yissachar and Zevulun entered into a business partnership: Zevulun engaged in commerce and supported  Yissachar's Torah study. In turn, Yissachar shared its spiritual reward with Zevulun. When you support the study of Torah you become a shareholder in the spiritual reward. that is earned. With a one week sponsorship you become the partner for all the Torah studied within the walls of Yeshiva for one week.

One Week of Learning: $3,600

Sponsor learning