General Donations

Recurrent Donations

At Bais Menachem we have a growing list of donors who contribute on a monthly basis. Recurrent contributions are advantageous to the supporter as well as to the Yeshiva. For the supporter, they allow you to contribute conveniently via credit card at a predetermined amount each month. Also, they allow donors who are on a budget to allocate their Tzedaka monies to be disbursed at a comfortable place on a predictable basis.

For Bais Menachem, recurrent donations enable us to better plan our monthly budget, ensuring that bills and salaries are paid on time, and that extra curricular activities, and building and vehicle maintenance is taken care of.

To become a recurrent donor click here and tell us how much you would like to give each month.

One-time Donations

Your donation of any amount for any reason is always most appreciated at Bais Menachem. We recognize that without the support of our community, alumni, friends, and family we would not be able to offer our students a place to grow and learn.

Please click here to make a donation.